Managed Accounts

We are now able to offer managed accounts under the A-VENTURE CAPITAL PRO system. These are 85%-90% mechanical trading and 10% discretionary trading. The positions are monitored every day and made some adjustment if necessary on the discretionary section.

Daily Online Reports
Clients are given access to daily online reports, allowing you to closely monitor all trades and commissions.

Have your account directly with your own FCM/Broker or Bank

You would need to open an account at dbFX from Deutsche Bank or Interbank FX. US Citizen and no US Citizen can open either at dbFX from Deutsche Bank or Interbank FX.

A-VENTURE CAPITAL specializes in managing and monitoring clients account under their own names. Our goal is to build a partnership and long term relationship with each client based on trust, understanding and confidence. 

Through managed futures accounts, investors can access a wide range of markets using multiple investment strategies within a single investment. Utilizing global markets in foreign exchange, financial futures, and commodities, a CTA ’s fundamental objective is to strategically participate in both rising and falling price movements.

Managed Account Structure :

Management Fee : 2%
Incentive Fee : Monthly, 50% of new profits
Minimum Subscription: US$ 50,000
Subscription :  Free - Distribution Fee: 0%
Redemption :  Free after 90 days written - Lockup : 90 days Redemption*
* if not liquidation penalty equal to 5% of Net Asset Value prior to the deduction of any fees 

A-VENTURE CAPITAL Disclosure Document provides full detail of the relationship between the CTA and its clients, associated risks, and fee structure.

Download A-VENTURE CAPITAL Disclosure Document

If you want to know more about opening an account with dbFX from Deutsche Bank,  click here

If you want to know more about openig an account with InterBank FX,  click here


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